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Navigating the delicate process of funeral arrangements demands both compassion and expertise. At John F. Pfleger Funeral Home in Middletown, NJ, we understand the profound significance of commemorating a life well-lived. Since 1956, our family-owned and -operated funeral home has been focused on providing support for grieving families in Monmouth County and the Bayshore area. Contact us today to discuss how our funeral services can help you honor your loved one's memory with dignity and compassion.



Who We Are

Established in 1956, John F. Pfleger Funeral Home is a pillar of compassion and integrity in Middletown, NJ. For three generations, our family has been dedicated to serving Monmouth County and the Bayshore area communities, providing unwavering support to families during their most challenging moments. As a family-owned and -operated funeral home, we consider ourselves not just service providers but members of the community, offering a comforting presence and understanding shoulder to lean on. Our experienced funeral directors bring a wealth of knowledge to help you navigate the intricacies of funeral planning, ensuring that each service reflects the unique life of your loved one. Whether you seek traditional burials, cremation services, or eco-friendly options, we are here to guide you with empathy, respect, and a commitment to honoring the memory of those you hold dear.


Our Services

Embracing the responsibility of guiding families through the poignant journey of saying farewell, John F. Pfleger Funeral Home is proud to offer a diverse array of services. Each service is crafted with empathy and respect, acknowledging the uniqueness of every life honored:

  • Funeral Services – Our comprehensive funeral and memorial services provide a dignified and respectful way to commemorate the life of your loved one, tailored to meet your family’s individual needs and cultural preferences.
  • Cremation Services – Offering thoughtful and personalized alternatives, our cremation services allow families to choose from various options, including ash scattering services, to provide a meaningful tribute.
  • Veteran Services – Honoring those who served, our veteran services include specialized military funeral services and assistance obtaining veteran burial flags, ensuring a fitting tribute to their dedicated service.
  • Green Burial Services – For families passionate about environmentally conscious choices, our green burial services offer eco-friendly alternatives, providing a sustainable and respectful farewell.
  • Children and Grief – Recognizing the unique needs of grieving children, we can help guide you to compassionate support services tailored to help them navigate the mourning process with care and understanding.
  • Traditional Burial – Offering timeless and culturally resonant options, our traditional burial services provide a classic and dignified farewell for your loved one.
  • Personalizing a Service – Our commitment to creating meaningful tributes is reflected in our personalized services, allowing families to customize ceremonies that truly capture the essence of their loved one's life.
  • Veteran Burial Flags – As a gesture of respect for military service, we assist in obtaining veteran burial flags to honor and commemorate the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women.
  • Ash Scattering Service – For those who choose cremation, our ash scattering service provides families with a thoughtful and ceremonial way to scatter their loved one's remains in a significant location.
  • Military Funeral Services – We specialize in providing military funeral services, ensuring a solemn and respectful farewell for those who served in the armed forces.
  • Eulogy – Crafting a heartfelt and personalized eulogy is a crucial part of our services, allowing families to express their love and memories in a meaningful way during the ceremony.


Our Responsibilities

Our responsibilities at John F. Pfleger Funeral Home extend beyond providing funeral, cremation, and Obituaries services. We take on the crucial role of guiding families through the challenging process of saying goodbye, ensuring that each service is crafted with empathy, respect, and attention to detail. From offering a range of funeral options tailored to individual preferences and cultural needs to providing specialized services for veterans and environmentally conscious choices, we take on the responsibility of creating meaningful and dignified farewells.


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In moments of loss, finding a compassionate partner to navigate the intricate path of funeral planning becomes paramount. At John F. Pfleger Funeral Home, our enduring commitment to Monmouth County and the Bayshore area shines through three generations of dedicated service. Contact us now to explore how we can honor your loved one's memory, ensuring a dignified and personalized farewell that reflects the uniqueness of their life.


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After losing a loved one, you can trust the funeral directors at John F. Pfleger Funeral Home to help you celebrate your loved one’s life. Our staff has experience planning a variety of funeral services and can assist your family in honoring your loved one no matter your personal preference, budget, culture, or religion. We pride ourselves on serving the Middletown community & surrounding Bayshore areas with compassion, dignity, & respect.

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