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Planning a funeral is difficult. In addition to mourning and remembering their loved ones, those planning a funeral are burdened by logistical issues. Partnering with a compassionate and experienced funeral home can help ease your burden and allow you to focus on honoring the memory of the dearly departed. Since 1956, Middletown and Monmouth County have been depending on John F. Pfleger Funeral Home to take care of their funeral, burial, cremation, and pre-planning needs. Get in touch with us for funeral planning support.



What Are Funerals, and Why Do We Have Them?

The specifics of what goes on in a funeral service differ from culture to culture. However, the main commonality among funerals around the world is that they are all services held in honor of someone who has recently passed on. In the United States, although they vary by region, funerals are typically formal, structured services that focus on the living memorializing the deceased and reflecting on their life. Funerals are most traditionally held in a church or religious building, but recently, families have become more creative in the planning and execution of funeral services.


We hold funerals as a coping mechanism to help us to process the loss of a loved one. Funeral services are a traditional part of society that keeps us bonded together as families and communities. Through funeral services, we are able to offer support to those who are mourning, as well as processing our own emotions.



Funeral Services Offered by John F. Pfleger Funeral Home

Families often need support when it comes to funeral service planning. That’s why John F. Pfleger Funeral Home provides comprehensive funeral service programs that help you feel less overwhelmed. A traditional funeral can be held at a church, at your home, or our location. We plan everything, from beginning to end, leaving you to focus on cherishing your loved ones. We also plan and execute immediate burials, visitations, graveside/chapel committals, and cremation services. 


We know that veterans who have passed on deserve to be honored in a special way. We host veteran services to honor those who have served our country. Veteran services include the folding and presentation of the American flag and the playing of Taps. These services can also include a three-volley rifle salute, a flag draped over the veteran’s casket, and a final graveside salute. Call us if you need to plan a funeral for a veteran who has given service to our country.


John F. Pfleger Funeral Home offers pricing options for all budgets and needs, so you can make an informed decision about funeral service costs.



Planning a Funeral With John F. Pfleger Funeral Home

Funeral planning can become a complicated affair. However, you can make your funeral arrangements as simple or sophisticated as you feel will appropriately honor your loved ones. It is important to have a funeral service checklist that guides you through the necessary aspects of making final arrangements, such as the program itself and the final disposition. Contact us to talk about making personalized arrangements that reflect the spirit of your loved ones.  


At John F. Pfleger Funeral Home, we understand the many emotions that are involved in the planning of a funeral. We have been helping Middletown residents say their final farewell to loved ones for decades, and we approach final arrangements with sensitivity, compassion, patience, and the awareness that this is a difficult time.



Contact John F. Pfleger Funeral Home for Funeral Services

Don’t hesitate to contact us for help with all aspects of making arrangements for your loved one’s funeral. Call us today to speak with a representative who can answer all of your questions.

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