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Frequently Asked Questions at Our Funeral Home

Ceremonies to honor the dead in one form or another have been a part of life since the dawn of history. However, that doesn’t make knowing how to make all the necessary funeral arrangements for a loved one any easier during your time of grief. You probably have questions about what to include during the funeral service or how much it’s going to cost you. You’ll find the answers to some of our frequently asked questions at John F. Pfleger Funeral Home, Inc. listed below. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, or you still have further questions, please feel free to contact us at the funeral home.

Q. Do you offer cremation services?

A. Yes, we do. We offer pretty much any type of funeral or memorial service that you would want. We can assist you in planning traditional full viewings and burials, non-traditional celebrations of life, green burials, and everything in-between, including cremation services.

Q. Do you perform the cremations at your funeral home?

A. No, we do not. No funeral home in New Jersey that was established after December 1, 1971, may also own or operate a crematory. This is the law in New Jersey as a protection to you, the consumer. Any funeral home that offers cremation services in their advertisements is offering the same services that we do and may even be using the same crematory.

Q. What’s the average cost of a funeral?

A. There really is no “average” cost to a funeral these days, as the costs can vary widely depending upon the type of service, casket, and disposition you select. Every funeral is as unique as the family that selects it, and you’d be hard-pressed to find two that are exactly the same. As more customization options become available, this will only become more apparent. Our price list should help you begin to understand what options are available. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Q. Can I have a viewing if I choose cremation instead of burial?

A. Absolutely. You can choose to have a traditional viewing with a service either at our funeral home or at a church. The cremation would take place after the services are completed.

Q. What if I don’t want my body to be viewed after my death?

A. While having a viewing is recognized by many grief specialists as giving those who are grieving a chance to recognize the death and begin their healing process, it’s not a requirement. If your family wishes, they can have a memorial gathering at a later date after your cremation or burial takes place.

Q. What’s a green funeral service?

A. For over 60 years, our priority has been to meet the needs of the families we serve. Today, many families are concerned with protecting the environment while honoring their loved ones. That’s why we offer natural burial and cremation options for environmentally-conscious families. These green alternatives to traditional services use sustainable and biodegradable products. Non-toxic and non-hazardous chemicals derived from plant-based oils are safe for the soil, water, and the air. Feel free to ask one of our staff members for more information about our green funeral service options to honor those you have lost while protecting the environment for future generations.

Q. Why should I pre-arrange my funeral?

A. Pre-planning your funeral offers many benefits. It eases the emotional and financial strains on your surviving loved ones, allowing them to continue their mourning process without the burden of having to make as many difficult decisions. It ensures your final wishes will be respected. You can make as many or as few preparations as you deem necessary. Everything from the type of funeral service to the clergy, music, visitation hours, pallbearers, and cemetery or memorial location can be planned. Many federal and state laws encourage individuals pending approval for Medicaid or Social Security or entering a hospice or nursing home to pay for the funeral of their choice. You can arrange a flexible payment plan to pay off your funeral costs in advance and avoid some of the rising costs of inflation.

Q. How do I start planning my funeral?

A. All it takes is one simple phone call. One of our licensed funeral planning professionals will start gathering information and start answering your questions, even some you may not have foreseen. As funeral directors in Middletown and Monmouth County, NJ, we’re trained to provide personal, specialized attention to every aspect of our funeral services. Call today before the need arises. There’s never a consultation fee with a pre-arrangement.

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