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Planning Burial Services in Middletown & Monmouth County

Many families choose to include burial services in their funeral arrangements because the simplicity and natural surroundings help bring them a sense of peace or finality. Burials have a long history of human tradition and also hold certain religious connotations. For families selecting a graveside service, John F. Pfleger Funeral Home, Inc. can provide various burial options in Middletown and Monmouth County, NJ. The deceased’s body can be buried in the ground, at sea, in a green or eco-friendly manner, or entombed in a crypt or mausoleum. Whether your loved one pre-planned their burial plot or it’s up to you to determine their final resting place, our staff can help you plan their burial service with dignity.

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Selecting the Right Cemetery and Burial Services

Most families request a simple funeral and burial service at the graveside, including tents, chairs, artificial greens, and a casket-lowering device. We can also make arrangements for transportation to and from the cemetery, including limousines, a hearse, and other service vehicles if required. Costs associated with burial services usually include fees charged by the cemetery for the plot of land, as well as fees for the opening and closing of the burial site, the headstone or grave marker and its installation, and the casket itself. Our funeral home offers caskets in many styles, colors, and materials, as well as various types of monuments and memorial markers that can be personalized. The cost of burial property can range quite a bit depending on the cemetery and the desired location of your plot. Just like real estate, location matters. Certain plots in a cemetery may be more desirable than others with their costs reflecting that. Spaces in crypts, mausoleums, and similar burial vaults also tend to cost a bit more.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Available Burial Options

At John F. Pfleger Funeral Home, Inc., we offer a full range of burial services in Middletown and the rest of Monmouth County, NJ, tailored to fit every family’s needs and budget. Please ask us what’s available at your selected cemetery or the options available in cemeteries with green burial fields if you’re interested in an eco-friendly funeral service. If you choose to purchase burial items from your own source and not one of our distributors, this is allowed, but please be sure to have it billed directly to you and not to our funeral home. Please contact us today to discuss the type of burial and funeral services you wish, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a detailed list of the costs involved.

Funeral Services with Dignity
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