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Funeral Services as Unique as Your Loved One

At John F. Pfleger Funeral Home, Inc., our priority is to exceed the expectations of the families we serve. Our funeral services in Monmouth County, NJ, can be customized to serve as a unique celebration of your loved one’s life. Viewings can take place privately or publicly within our facility, while other services can be held at a church, temple, cemetery, or any other place of importance to your family. Examples of other appropriate venues may include fraternal and community halls, your home, parks, and other community gathering places such as zoos, museums, and riverfront locations. You can rely on our staff to handle the set-up of flowers and other items relating to the funeral or viewing. We cater to all ethnic and religious groups and are available to assist you throughout the entire funeral-planning process.

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Green Funeral Services in Middletown & Monmouth County, NJ

Many families are concerned with protecting the environment while honoring their loved ones. That’s why we offer green funeral services in Middletown and elsewhere in Monmouth County, including natural burial and cremation options, for environmentally-conscious families wanting us to use sustainable and biodegradable products. Non-toxic and non-hazardous chemicals derived from plant-based oils are safe for the soil, water, and the air. If you’re interested in learning more about these green alternatives, please contact us to speak with one of our licensed funeral service professionals.

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Have You Considered a Certified Funeral Celebrant?

If your loved one didn’t pre-plan their funeral and you’re having trouble making decisions during this emotional time, our funeral home also provides the services of a Certified Funeral Celebrant who can help you create a personalized ceremony. This may be an ideal option for families not affiliated with a church or who don’t wish to have a religious funeral service. However, our Certified Funeral Celebrant can also work with your clergy while customizing your ceremony if that’s what you desire.

Selecting the Funeral Services Appropriate for You

At John F. Pfleger Funeral Home, Inc., we offer a full range of funeral services in Middletown and Monmouth County, NJ, tailored to fit every family’s needs and budget. Many families request a simple funeral at the graveside, including tents, chairs, artificial greens, and a lowering device. We can also make arrangements for limousines, a hearse, or other service vehicles upon request. For an additional charge, we can even assist you in preparing an obituary or a eulogy. Please ask us what’s available at your cemetery or the options available in cemeteries with green burial fields. Please contact us today to discuss the type of funeral services you wish, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a detailed list of the costs involved.

Funeral Services with Dignity
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